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Obi Wan Kirk
13th Jul 2010, 04:50
I heard 6 pilots resigned the other day and there are more that will be joining them soon, what's happening?

I thought Omanair was a good outfit to work for...

in FACT is
13th Jul 2010, 08:10
I thought Omanair was a good outfit to work for...

........who told you that......???????:p

in FACT is
13th Jul 2010, 08:12
I thought Omanair was a good outfit to work for...

.........who told you that...............:mad:..????

Obi Wan Kirk
13th Jul 2010, 08:24
A "fairy" and I believed...

13th Jul 2010, 10:50
If you refuse to Change. The Change will Change you!!!!!!!! few going to flydubai, some to Emirates....... we desprately await change...lets see how long its gonna last.

Happy landings

Obi Wan Kirk
13th Jul 2010, 12:49
I have a couple of friends looking for a job. Both NG rated and experienced, one a skipper the other looking for a quick upgrade.

Shall I tell them to apply and if so to who do they need to send resume?

What's the roster like?
Housing allowance?
Annual leave?
Time to command for experienced FOs?

in FACT is
15th Jul 2010, 10:19
Mr. Obi Wan Kirk,
I heard 6 pilots resigned the other day and there are more that will be joining them soon, what's happening?

If you heard about this, then you know to whom you have to apply, the source is prety well known what happen:ok:

What's the roster like? ....................they said it improved:eek: (remember it manage by indian they use to have 2.3 billion people so safety come's last)
Housing allowance?..............they said it is enough to cover your rent in MCT :}(you have to find out what the fact is)
Salary?..............they said it is increase :O(actually only basic salary other are supplementary)
Annual leave?.........they said no problem :ugh:(sometimes yes, sometimes no)
Time to command for experienced FOs.........they said follow seniority list :cool:(who's goes first for omanis programs? the expat...???)

16th Jul 2010, 20:41
What is happening?

The Hiring Tsunami is just beginning to gather momentum, that is what is happening.

Does the airline's HR deparment realize this, and realize that it will get worse and worse and worse, a month at a time, for probably the next 5 years???

They are just getting a glimpse of what is about to come!

17th Jul 2010, 05:05
Like most HR departments , they are trained to Titanic standards , ie they cannot see any icebergs as they are busy rearranging the deckchairs . ( This involves an entire department devoted to making life as difficult as possible for flightcrew )
The nightmare worsens for crew ( well , 737 that is ) , but it does not matter as long as the admin staff have every weekend off and the paychecks roll in.
The revolving door is already spinning faster.

Obi Wan Kirk
18th Jul 2010, 05:25
I guess it's best to stay far away from Oman then...better to go to FlyDubai, Emirates, Air Arabia, Wattaniya, Etihad or Qatar...

18th Jul 2010, 06:50
lmao. I need ten characters to post this message.

18th Jul 2010, 10:30
If it was so easy, we don't choose they choose us :ok:

18th Jul 2010, 13:47
Whaaaaatt ?

18th Jul 2010, 14:09
You don't choose a company, you have to be choosen by a selection or so one, of course you have the choice to apply but it would have been so easy to say I want to fly for them and hop : ))))

18th Jul 2010, 14:53
WTF ? Hyrogliphics anyone ?

18th Jul 2010, 15:43
What about your COO not doing anything? seemingly he got the job by knowing the CEO not by merrits , after all those interviews just to make things legally that everyone did the interview and we choose him. By looking all the records the guy is uselless to be any postholder,but thats the way things goes in oman , inexpirience guy come and get the position milking the goverment/company, five years latter they fire the guy and still pay him the full contractual agreement. and guess what next? Recruit the other idiot for next five years. on and on. One step forward twenty years back.:ugh:

18th Jul 2010, 16:06
When you find out what bucks these dudes earn , you understand why they become 'invisible' . They start out and promise regular Forums and open door offices etc , then vanish . Wish I coud get a job like that .
Another interesting fact is that once you have been a ' Manager ' and then resign your post / sacked / whatever , you never lose your salary . This might explain the never-ending revolving door for upstairs . Big gravy train.

It is a sad fact that ALL airlines suffer from poor management . It is also a fact that pilots are very poor managers . Nobody should be allowed to be a manager without some sort of Degree / Business Qualification , and also be forced to take Psychometric testing .
Dream on .

19th Jul 2010, 17:35
Interesting to note that Flight International very recently published a very top class insert to their weekly magazine entirely devoted to the Middle East carriers , their orders , and many pages of recruitment adverts .
Strangely , there was one glaring omission , and that was Omanair . Not mentioned even once .
Was this because Omanair is not considered a serious airline ? Or because they are not recruiting on the open market ( they certainly will need to before too long ) , or because they declined to be interviewed ? Knowing the status quo I would expect the latter . Very sad.

19th Jul 2010, 18:15
Africans airline are more organised than oman air, ops managers who knows f..... all. some pilots joined WY with fake ratings and managers with fake certificates and no experinces, bunch of bullshitters .

in FACT is
20th Jul 2010, 12:30
Obi & kotakota,

look at my post 1 years ago about this company, this is a circus company, I just heard those who's resigned including locals guy's from Gulf Air who's returned home but they are leaving also.

can imagine they Manager Flight Training, he appointed a TRI with only less than 1000 hrs PIC:D, he's team try create a procedure to Kathmandu and spend a lot of dollars and finally not approved by their DGCAS:confused:

lucky I'm not there what a scary:ugh:

in FACT is
22nd Jul 2010, 04:01
In Oman Air, these clowns in management (mostly Indihe):= operate crews min. rest, max FDP and then live in a fantasy and try to convince the boss (mostly unexperience local or jobless expat in their own country with fake papers):uhoh: they are operating an efficent airline ,just makes me laugh. all of them put together could not make money if they had a printer.

Obi Wan Kirk
22nd Jul 2010, 06:07
All very true!!!

Sky Hooker
22nd Jul 2010, 10:29
Obi Wan are you also thinking about leaving the ship?

Obi Wan Kirk
22nd Jul 2010, 15:22
90% of expat pilots in Omanair are looking to move. The other 10% are either bonded on A330, very near retirement or bonded for Command upgrade. There are also a few still living in fairy land...

14th Aug 2010, 23:03
knock knock thread dead :confused: any updates :confused:

14th Aug 2010, 23:10
Interesting posts. But it seems like all these airlines are about the same. If you go to the Fly Dubai thread there are people there telling you to stay away--The same for Oman Air, EK, EY, Qatar. So what is one to do? If you need a job then where else can you or should you apply?

14th Aug 2010, 23:46
Interesting posts. But it seems like all these airlines are about the same. If you go to the Fly Dubai thread there are people there telling you to stay away--The same for Oman Air, EK, EY, Qatar. So what is one to do? If you need a job then where else can you or should you apply? agreed to certain extent with your post but when it comes to:

management/hr-door's closed/paperwork always missing
rostering-changes daily
lifestyle-most of it is@<hidden>
pay-much lesser than any of the above mentioned
retirement-2 1/2 mths BASIC salary after 3 years after resignation & deductions
housing-TOO LOW to post so it have to be deducted from salary
education-top up from your own pocket
annual leave-if possible
id/annual tickets-come back next week/it's expensive now
fleet transfer-sign a 3 year bond
upgrades-those passed still waiting for mths
job security-omanisation

elsewhere is recruiting :ok:

in FACT is
15th Aug 2010, 06:21
heard WY fly to Kathmandu:=

it will be done only by "selected line pilot", can you imagine the "selected line pilot" are selected by a 4 musketeers TRE of WY and this musketeers never ever see Kathmandu in his life even have the balls to make a first flight with their line FO (M....a or F....d), heard last year the training simulator they created was not approved by their DGCAS:ugh:really no shame:{

16th Aug 2010, 01:47
With all these guys suddenly leaving how come there are no vacancies posted on the WY website. Also why would someone leave WY to go to FlyDubai? It would seem that not much would change based on reports being made on pprune.

16th Aug 2010, 08:38
The Kathmandu route scares the proverbial out of me.

By all accounts, the initial sim sessions were a joke, with numerous types rolling, bouncing and smashing their way through it.

EFATO then straight to LNAV wasn't it? :ooh: "The autopilot will take care of everything!"

One shudders to imagine the carnage!

Scary scary!

By the way......any more news on the Algerian Aerobatic Team? :E

16th Aug 2010, 09:07
What do you mean by the algerian aerobatic team ?

16th Aug 2010, 15:12
What do you mean by the algerian aerobatic team ?

Aha! That's got you wondering now! :)

Will say no more! :)

17th Aug 2010, 11:01
Oh shame on you :)

Aha! That's got you wondering now!

Will say no more!

17th Aug 2010, 12:40
whats the pay like in WY ?

Command 737 Fleet !

Any allowances ? How much is housing there ?

17th Aug 2010, 13:13
The Kathmandu route scares the proverbial out of me.

Question for you:
Were you there as a sim instructor at that time....... n wot did you do to correct it.:confused:

17th Aug 2010, 13:27
No , he was not.

17th Aug 2010, 16:06
Question for you:
Were you there as a sim instructor at that time....... n wot did you do to correct it.

Nope. Way above my pay-grade.......but even a low-level jockey like me knows it was all a bit hairy.

I would certainly not be comfortable in the back on that route having learned what went on.

17th Aug 2010, 16:20
Sorry bro but share the same views as you..... scary is not good enough tho...
NG-F sorry we strayed from the original thread but the reasons all slot in. Oman air is NOT hiring any more expats..... u kno Y ???:cool:

17th Aug 2010, 16:30

How's Rammers?
I'm so glad I'm on holidays ahahahahahahah!

17th Aug 2010, 23:50
No why ? Sirius3

Voodoo 3
18th Aug 2010, 10:07
Just be lucky that you haven't started ops there yet.

Flying down a 4.56 slope towards mountains twice as high as you are, weather all around and a gusting tailwind more often than not, is completely not funny.

Just ask Nepal Airlines nicely if they would operate to Muscat three times a week from Kathmandu and all your problems should be solved. :ok:


Obi Wan Kirk
18th Aug 2010, 13:29
You don't really want to join Omanair unless you're 2 years from retirement or already retired. For expats it's a sinking ship...

in FACT is
19th Aug 2010, 05:05
For expats it's a sinking ship...

not it is a paradise : an Samoan who only been in Command last 2 year is becoming TRE:\, an Panamanian only rated in pencil plane and just have experience in India becoming TRE:\, an Omani who's only knows Gulf and single rating B737 becoming TRE and many other clowns.

just wonder who's of these clowns will fly to Katmandhu, hope they will do all of what they create for themself:ugh:

Farrell, are you still in Oman...???

Obi you are 100% right

Obi Wan Kirk
22nd Aug 2010, 05:55
They haven't made a logical decision as to who will be flying to Kathmandu and seeing some of those selected worries me...

Operations will be starting soon and we will be going into winter time and the flight is there and back with no layover...

The roster is getting worse every month, so if things continue this way they are heading towards an accident. The only solution the pilots have to managing this situation is to call in fatigued...the good news is that a few are!

22nd Aug 2010, 23:55
Kathmandu No can Do:8.

23rd Aug 2010, 08:10
The only solution the pilots have to managing this situation is to call in fatigued...the good news is that a few are!

Oh.....calling in fatigued is about to start coming at a price!
Have a look across the road.
It always begins with the poor cabin crew.


in FACT is
23rd Aug 2010, 15:29
Obi Wan kirk :
and seeing some of those selected worries me...

it worries you, it will worries all pilots in the world if you know how the "select" them, if you are in look at the TRI/TRE they "select":=

just don't know why the "ex Gulf" people can keep silent with this, they knew better than the "clown pilot's in WY":\

24th Aug 2010, 00:08
Oman Air Pilot Removed From A330

Anyone know anything about this? (http://tiny.cc/mt1za)

Scroll down a bit.

And now as if on cue, Kathmandu gets an accident.

Small passenger plane crashes near Nepal's capital - Yahoo! News (http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100824/ap_on_re_as/as_nepal_plane_crash)

24th Aug 2010, 09:13
Just for info here's the Sky news version

Nepal Plane Crash: A British Person Is Believed To Be Among The Fourteen Dead In Kathmandu | World News | Sky News (http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/World-News/Nepal-Plane-Crash-A-British-Person-Is-Believed-To-Be-Among-The-Fourteen-Dead-In-Kathmandu/Article/201008415704184?lpos=World_News_Carousel_Region_2&lid=ARTICLE_15704184_Nepal_Plane_Crash%3A_A_British_Person_Is_Believed_To_Be_Among_The_Fourteen_Dead_In_Kathmandu)

27th Aug 2010, 18:14
In Fact Is, you know a lot about WY. You seem to think you are a far better pilot than all the trainers at wy, so why did you leave, was it because you kept failing your checks, both in the simulator and on the line, even when it wasnt your line check?? Or was it because you lied about your hours to get in to WY, and one TC knew you had lied??

Any wonder they didnt take you back when you came crawling???

Do you have a job now?

I think the samoan TRE with less than 2 yrs in CMD will earn more than 6000 OMR next month, how about you???:D

28th Aug 2010, 04:25
You can't soar with the eagles when you are working with turkeys.


in FACT is
29th Aug 2010, 04:56
mr. foursectorday,
In Fact Is, you know a lot about WY

I do have reliable source inside WY :ok:

so why did you leave,
Never ever been there my friend they don't have my requirement :ok:

my four bars is not "given" like you have

any wonder they didnt take you back when you came crawling???

where can you go....do any other charter company will accept your rating base on WY experience....:\

do you have a job now?

still on 4x 79000 kgs my boy...

the Samoan will earn RO 6000,-

as an bootlicker he is expert in that, I'm not worry :\

29th Aug 2010, 12:44
READ CAREFULLY AND NOW 25 MILLION RIALS MISSING, WHICH POCKETSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. http://adserver.adtech.de/adserv|3.0|289|1061238|0|277|ADTECH;loc=300;key=key1+key2+key3+key4;grp=[group] (http://adserver.adtech.de/adlink|3.0|289|1061238|0|277|ADTECH;loc=300;key=key1+key2+key3+key4;grp=[group])AND WHERE IS THE FRAUD INVISTIGATORSSSS?

Oman Air has one more A330 due in 2011 and then a couple of years of consolidation until 2014, when the first of six more 737s are due as well as the initial batch of Boeing 787s. By this time Hill expects the airline group will be profitable. It lost 64.3 million Rials ($167 million) in 2009 and should break even in 2013.


10th Oct 2010, 19:40
In Fact Is : are you sure about all of this..?:=

everybody knows you buddy, fail at OPC and intrvw for SFI:sad:. Come one bro, shut your mouth, and stop calling rostering for req long sector every day..I'm sick for people like you..:yuk::yuk:

better you start colouring your white hair brader..:ok:

in FACT is
21st Oct 2010, 12:40
yeah for sure my course mate, buddy..

fail..??? what the hell..??? my sector is all long..sorry that the way it is...:}

colouring my hair....??? do you open a ladies salon..???:{

25th Oct 2010, 13:00
in Fact Is : yup..long sector for you. from airport to Dhofar building:D:D
and ask botet for colouring your hair....:p

ai pai
25th Oct 2010, 21:20
lets stick to the topic OMAN AIR EXODUS?:ugh:

27th Oct 2010, 06:01
more than a dozen have left this year + 1 more just left last week really quick.

ai pai
28th Oct 2010, 18:33
what fleet are they leaving from?

in FACT is
12th Nov 2010, 09:25

well, I see your point here, you pointed your finger to somebody else, but like I said earlier I have my source there and we used to exchange “funny” issue in our company, and even my source doesn’t know that I posted what we discuss in pprune, brader pprune is only a “ghost ship” may be some of his issue that are posted hurt your feeling, so you try to find out who’s the guy hee, you work hard for this tracking my thread back, well brader the one you accused may still walk normally because he might be doesn’t know this website, and my source can be you either:cool:, so you create new name and accused him just because for whatever reason you don't like him, all the game can be played here:=, what a bad mentality you had brader, just to remind you this is only a gossip website so “don't worry be happy” :ok:but if the thread hurt your feeling than the info may be 99,9% true.

fail/ pass thats the only things you know??? :mad:in an airline training the view is different brader, the trainer has a duty why is his student failed and for what reason, to fail a student is only for trainer in the flying club like the one you came from, trainer in airlines (if you work for an airline) are tools of the company to select the material (assessment stage) and make them useable to the company, so if happen the trainer can’t make use of the material they had selected who’s to blame???:eek: it make me clear that you think your are at the end of your career for flying club may be, but to fly with aircraft with 300 ton MTOW and above and flying around the world you must be happy if they accept you as second officer brader, so my advies get your ATPL in a real flight training school (Embry Riddel, Oxford or Alteon) not from small island in the middle of the ocean unknown to the world.

again brader this is a website of a “ghost ship” so no hard felling, it is up to ppruner’s to read this thread as a serious matter or just a joke, I think Scube3 are 100% correct:) but why me "pathetic" what about the others......:ugh:

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