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23rd Feb 2010, 20:39
I downloaded the FM's for the 206B3, the 350BA & 350B3 from post #2 before the link was broken.

They're obviously out of date but if you PM me with your e-mail address I can send them to you.

Findon 40
27th Feb 2010, 01:41
hi,can anyone help with a copy of the ec120 training manual

many thanks:ok:

Vertical Freedom
11th Mar 2010, 13:50

I would like a copy of the following flight manuals please:
AW139, B2063, B206L4, B407, B412, B214, AS350B3+, EC135, EC145, AS365N3, EC155N4, EC225, AS322L1, EC175

Thank You for Your help


14th Mar 2010, 21:52
Hi does anybody have a copy of EC155 B1 manual on pdf.

Many thanks :ok:

14th Mar 2010, 22:47
To Vertical Freedom: Are you sure you need all these manuals in your "library" , the EC 175 is not out of the factory yet :ugh:

17th Mar 2010, 19:57
Hi guys,
Just wondering if I could get my hands on any PDF's or whatever, for the AS350 BA, B1, B2, & B2VEMD models. Starting to train in the VEMD this week, but will be flying all the others operationally also.

Cheers in advance,

31st Mar 2010, 01:00
Just looking for a mountain course manual. If anyones got one it would be much appreciated!

31st Mar 2010, 09:05

I am able to exchange some rfm if you provide me the "Agusta Bell 206B" one.
I allready have the "Bell 206B".


7th Apr 2010, 21:22
I'm just starting out in the S-76 and I'd love to have a complete RFM to refer to. I will be flying A++, C+ and C++. The majority will be in the C++. If you could help or point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it :) PM is fine. Thanks!

Nf stable
8th Apr 2010, 15:10
Hi All,
I am looking for a copy of an EC225 Manual, and also a training manual if available, although I realise that's a more difficult request.


8th Apr 2010, 18:13

I'm a MTP in the army and we fly OH-58A (B206) and am looking for 206 maintenance manuals b'c the graphics in the Army manuals are notoriously bad.

I tried to access the pdf links but got time-out errors. Can you send them to me? jonathan.noble1@<hidden>


9th Apr 2010, 19:24

I am looking for training manuals for the following aircraft/engines:

Bell 205
Honeywell (Lycoming) LTS101-600
Honeywell (Lycoming) T53-13



14th May 2010, 07:57
Wanted AS350B pilots operating manual required.
Cheers :ok:

17th May 2010, 16:13
Still looking for an EC 130 manual. I have a few in my collection I'd be happy to trade if need be. Thanks =)

18th May 2010, 06:29
Hello everyone.

Long time reader, first time post.

I am looking for a s76 flight manual.

Does anyone have the copy?
If any one can help that would be so much appreciated!

Thank you


18th May 2010, 07:46
You might be more specific on the version of the S76...A,A+,B..?

18th May 2010, 11:51
What Model are you after?

18th May 2010, 22:45
Thank you very much, eivissa and ZK-Pilot!
I am looking for S76-A.


spintail :ok:

6th Jun 2010, 17:05
I'm looking for a RFM for the BK117 in an electronic format. Does anyone know where I might find one......?:confused:

6th Jun 2010, 18:56
Mmmm ...

I assume you want for the German Bk and NOT the Japanese Bk .... and in English language too huh?


6th Jun 2010, 19:17
Yes, sorry to not specify.
German BK and in English.

7th Jun 2010, 11:47
I need flight, operational and maintenance manuals of AH-1J helicopter.

7th Jun 2010, 11:57

which BK version should it be? B, B2 or C1? Only RFM or would a TM also become handy?

7th Jun 2010, 12:05
Ideally the C1, and a TM would be great as well.

8th Jun 2010, 06:59
If anyone could help me out with an electronic version (PDF), RFM and or TM for a BK 117 B-2, would hugely appreciate it. I start a new job in a week flying one, would be good to have a bit of a head's up early on. Thanks in advance.

9th Jun 2010, 05:00
Flowers 123 from Iran, You have got to be Kidding!!!!!
9th Jun 2010, 15:03
Flybull - Flowers 123 has to be Kidding. but i don't think he knows it !

Ian Corrigible
10th Jun 2010, 15:59
And eivissa thought fending off the OEMs was bad enough. Just wait until the boys from Quantico come a-knockin'. :E

Flowers123 - I believe the AH-1J RFM will be similar if not identical to that for the Panha 2091.


md 600 driver
10th Jun 2010, 16:56

also same as the manual for the DO 25YR INPOKI

Ian Corrigible
10th Jun 2010, 17:20
...with little chance of doing a Pascal Payet (


11th Jun 2010, 10:09
Infidel Strong!

14th Jun 2010, 12:00
Wondering if anyone has any info/flight manual for a Kamov KA-32?

28th Jun 2010, 16:58
I'm looking for the RFM for a agusta A109E, can everyone help please?


12th Jul 2010, 01:37
Looking for MD500 POH/Transition manuals. Specifically C and D models, but will be happy for any.


21st Jul 2010, 19:34
Looking for a POH and/or training manuals for the BO105, on digits/PDF. Specifically the CBS4 model.


24th Jul 2010, 16:45
Looking for the POH and/or training manual(s) for the EC-135, all versions.


24th Jul 2010, 17:29
I have TM and FM EC135 p1, p2

29th Jul 2010, 02:54
Looking for Bell412, SP or EP

31st Jul 2010, 18:09
I need a A109 series manuals.
Anyone can send me?¿
Thanks a lot

1st Aug 2010, 03:03
Anyone with a copy of the Bell 429 AFM?

Just interested...

John Eacott
1st Aug 2010, 03:07
Jordan23, PM me with your e mail & I have pdf's. Large files, about 60mb.

2nd Aug 2010, 18:59
Can anybody supply a proper two crew checklist for the B412 EP, preferably offshore, to model our future company checklist on? Currently only have basically single pilot onshore checklists available.

Also looking for offshore S76C/C+/C++ checklists designed by operators to compare with ours. But any other models also welcome, looking for better ways to redesign ours so mostly need the template, if only ofr discussion purposes.

Please PM me if you can help.


20th Aug 2010, 18:19
Looking for PDF of AW139 manual.

Thanks in advance

10th Sep 2010, 15:39
In big need of the EC120 flight manual. Anyone?

Vertical Freedom
14th Sep 2010, 04:20
Anyone have a SA-315 RFM please? :confused:

Dynamic Component
19th Sep 2010, 12:28
Can anyone please provide me with a BO105 flight manual and/or pilot training documentation? To be precise the 105 LS and CBS5. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I do have other manuals I can pass on if required.


19th Sep 2010, 15:55
i too could do with an Ec120 manual

27th Sep 2010, 10:47
bunk and welsh_Gareth PM me your email addresses for a 120 manual....and in return:}

I'm looking for PDFs of the Jetty and Longranger manuals, and any BHT Pilot notes if possible


John Eacott
27th Sep 2010, 11:25
Not revised since Oct 2000 206BIII: ( it's 12mb, so expect a wait for the download ;)

27th Sep 2010, 14:18
Hey Pilots;

Looking for Mi-17 / Mi-8MTV, POH and training manuals, any help ???

Happy flights to everyone !

29th Sep 2010, 07:48
Try uploading the files at Free large file hosting. Send big files the easy way! (

After the successful upload you will get a link to the file, which you can send around.

Senior Pilot
30th Sep 2010, 00:14

Please note that due to legal communications from Eurocopter, IB require that all posts with links to Eurocopter Flight Manual products be removed from PPRuNe.

Evissa's post ( refers.



30th Sep 2010, 00:16

30th Sep 2010, 00:21

30th Sep 2010, 21:27
Bit of a vintage one, but a Lockhead F-104G Starfighter would be appriciated for my son?

1st Oct 2010, 14:53
Bit of a vintage one, but a Lockhead F-104G Starfighter would be appriciated for my son?The German Starfighter Manuals are hard to get. All I have is American F-104D, and Italian F-104S.

3rd Oct 2010, 01:18
Is there somebody who could send me a Challenger 604 system manual?
Thanks in advance!

Senior Pilot
3rd Oct 2010, 02:38
Since this is the Rotorheads forum, let's keep the thread to helicopter manuals!

3rd Oct 2010, 10:51
Am looking for training manuals, tech logs, POH for A109 LUH ,A 119 and A139.

Its been a while since I havent flown and I need to get my head abck into it.

Any insightful web link or document provided will be most welcome.

Thanks in advance

Nf stable
7th Oct 2010, 10:31
Hi There, I am looking for an AS332 L2 THM, pref in pdf format. Thanks for your help.


24th Oct 2010, 07:12
Hi everybody,
I am looking for the flight manual of the EC 120 Colibri written in French or English language.
Does anybody can help me?
Thanks a lot
Fly safe

Earl of Rochester
24th Oct 2010, 07:31
The EC120 flight manual (in both French and English) is available in soft copy here:

6th Nov 2010, 12:22
Hi, does anyone have a link or pdf manual for the MD-600N? I am building a freeware 3d model for FSX and would like it to be as close to the real thing as possible...
cheers Ethan;)

12th Nov 2010, 16:18
Anyone have an RFM for the A3 and/or A4 variants of the BK117?

12th Nov 2010, 20:38
Hello there. I was wondering if anyone had a B205A++ and 212HP manual they could send me. Thanks for the help

17th Nov 2010, 10:27
I know this question is asked in the wrong topic but i am desperately searching for a very specific manual set.

At school we have a general Electric J79-GE-11A (CJ805) engine but we are missing the maintenance manuals, my teacher just had a little accident and i want to give him a present, so i am searching for maintenance manuals, illustrated part breakdown manuals and overhaul instructions etc. etc.

I hope someone does have or can get these manuals, i may have something in return (F-16A Block 15 maintenance manuals).

If i have to ask this somewhere else please tell me.

Thank You

20th Nov 2010, 13:33
The following manuals are still missing:

-Agusta A109 (A,C,E,S) training manual
-Eurocopter AS355NP flight manual

I would greatly appreciate those contributions to complete the collection.


24th Nov 2010, 11:20
Since I still get quite a lot of requests for rotary manuals this is a quick reference to make my life a little bit easier...

Please, be as precise as possible!

Dont say:
"anything for the 500 available?".

"I am converting on the H500D, I am in need on the RFM, TM and anything that helps me getting to know that C20 engine. Can you help?".

->I need the exact type (like 206B3 or L4) and type of manual needed (Flight manual, training manual, mmel, ops manual...).

This saves me and you some time and work. Also, if you have any manuals on your hard-drive, and you are willing to share them with the Pprune community, please don't hesitate and send 'em to me.

Explaining what you need those manuals for is nice and I really appreciate those story's, but don't bother if you don't feel like telling me.

Edit: All contacts via PM or preferably to pprune ("äht") email ("dott") de


24th Nov 2010, 12:48
Our company will be picking up a BK A3/4 in the near future. Trying to get a leg up on the aircraft for when I pick it up. Looking for the RFM and/or TM.

4th Dec 2010, 04:23
<P>I need a checklist for the BO 105 CBS-4.</P>

4th Dec 2010, 04:28
I am about to do some training in a BO 105 CBS-4. What do you want for copies of the training manual and operators handbook.

13th Dec 2010, 13:48
Is the performance decrease so important ?

13th Dec 2010, 17:08

I am looking for the Bell 429 RFM in particular the performance sections, including OEI.



14th Dec 2010, 09:54
Many thanks,

The supplement is very interesting, the rate of climb penalty is from 600 to 800 ft/mn in AEO and OEI and the fuel consumption is increased by a maximum of 55 kg/h when the aircraft is operating with IPS "on" in icing condition and with ice accretion on the aircraft.

23rd Dec 2010, 21:30
I need BK-117c1 flm
Hello everybody. I need the FLM and the familiarization manual, C1 version. Engine Arriel 1e with honeywell DAFCS. If anyone need, i have the full EC-135T2+ FLM + familiarization manual. Thanks a lot!!!!

25th Dec 2010, 10:52
Hi Eivissa, still waiting for you to reply my PM. I need the AW139 RFM if you please. Thank you.

28th Jul 2012, 15:20
Sorry if I am hijacking this thread, but I am about to be a 412 convert soon and was wanting to know if anyone could send me a User's Manual/Operator's Supplement on digits please?

If so, my email is swisherdavid@<hidden>

Thank you in advance,