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21st Jun 2006, 08:29
Whoops I posted this in the wrong forum, should have been here. Anyway hope it is of some help and/or interest:

Hi fellow ppruners. Was just clearing out some old files from the PC and came across this interesting information regarding Biz Jets type ratings (however they are in $ and no doubt reflect the US FAA system). But hey you never know it might prove useful one or another.

Aeroservice Aviation Training Center
3814 Curtis Parkway
Virginia Gardens, FL

B737 Type Rating

B737 Previous Experience

B727 Type Rating

B727 Previous Experience

B747 Type Rating

Alteon Training LLC
1301 SW 16th Street
Renton. WA

737 Classic Type Rating

737 Next Generation Pilot Type Rating

747-400 Type Rating

757 Type Rating

767-200/300 Type Rating

777 Type Rating

CAE SimuFlite
2929 West Airfield Drive
PO Box 619119
DFW Airport, TX

800-527-2463Gulfstream GII/III
Recurrent Training

Citation Ultra/Bravo

Gulfstream GIV Type Rating

Citation Jet Initial Type Rating

Citation II / Bravo / Excel / Citation Jet / Citation III/VII

Lear Jet 35 & 55 Initial Type Rating

Hawker 700 Initial Type Rating

Hawker 800 Initial Type Rating

Lear Jet 31A

Lear Jet 60

Challenger 601 Type Rating

Chrysler Aviation, Inc.
7120 Havenhurst Avenue
Suite 309
Van Nuys, CA

Citation Type Rating

Crew Pilot Training, Inc.
PO Box 6692
Kingwood, TX

B737 Program

Flight Crew Systems, Inc.
2056 Palomar Airport Road
Carlsbad, CA

Citation Type Rating ATP - Initial

Citation Type Rating ATP - Expanded

Citation Type Rating ATP - 141

Flight Safety International
1071 East Aero Park Blvd.
Tucson, AZ

Lear Jet 31/31A Pilot

Lear Jet 35 Initial

Flight Safety International
4330 Donald Douglas Drive
Long Beach, CA

Gulfstream - II Initial

Gulfstream - III Initial

Gulfstream - III Pilot Recurrent

Gulfstream - IV Initial

Citation II Initial

Citation V Initial

Flight Safety International
11600 West Airport Service Road
Swanton, OH

Citation V Ultra Pilot Initial

Citation 650 Initial

King Air 200 Pilot Initial

Flight Safety International
Two Learjet Way
Wichita, KS

Lear Jet 30 Series Pilot Initial

Lear Jet 30 Recurrent

Flight Safety International
P. O. Box 613169
DFW Airport, TX

Falcon 2000 Initial

Falcon 900EX

Falcon 50

Flight Safety International
Wichita Cessna Learning Center
1851 Airport Road
Wichita, KS

Citation Jet 2 Initial Pilot Training

Flight Safety CE560XL Type Rating

Flight Safety International
Raytheon Learning Center
9720 East Central Avenue
Wichita, KS

Beech 400/Diamond Training

Beech Jet 400A Pilot Training

King Air 300/350 Initial

Flight Safety International
1010 Toffie Terrace
Atlanta, GA

Learjet 60

Flight Safety International (Boeing)
Verizon Place 2201 West
Airfield Drive
Dallas, TX

MD-82 Type Rating

B727 Type Rating

B737-200 Type Rating

Flight Safety International Boeing
4900 East Conant Street
Long Beach, CA

MD-87/88 Type Rating

B737-200 Type Rating

MD-82 Type Rating

Higher Power Aviation
878 Greenview Drive
Grand Prairie, TX

Boeing 737 Type Rating

Boeing 737-200/800


Pacific Airline Systems
2056 Palomar Airport Road
Carlsbad, CA

CE 525/CE 500 Type Rating

Pan Am Aviation
5000 N.W. 36th Street
Miami, FL

B737-200 Type Rating

B737-200 Recurrency

B737-300 Initial

B737-300 Reduced

B747-400 PIC Initial

B747-200 Initial

B757 PIC Reduced
(Applicants must have 500 hours minimum logged in 757 aircraft and
be current last 12 months)

B757 Initial

B757/767 Recurrent (PIC)

B767 Initial

B767 PIC Reduced
(Applicants must have 500 hours minimum logged in 757 aircraft and
be current last 12 months)

A320 Type Rating

MD-80 Recurrency

DC 9 PIC Reduced

Pan Am International Flight Academy
2600 Lone Oak Point
Eagan, MN

737 - 200 Type Rating

A320 Type Rating

B747 - 400 PIC Initial

B767 PIC Reduced
(Applicants must have 250 hours minimum hogged in 767 aircraft and
be current last 12 months)
$7,95056 hours

B757 PIC Reduced
(Applicants must have 250 hours minimum hogged in 767 aircraft and
be current last 12 months)

B747 - 200 Initial

B757 Initial

B767 Initial

SimCom International Inc
6989 Lee Vista Boulevard
Orlando, FL

Lear Jet 20,35,36 PIC Initial

2003 Citation I, II, 511, V Bravo PIC Initial

Hawker 125-800XP, 800+700 PIC Initial

Lear Jet 31,55 PIC Initial

Cessna 421 Initial Training

I hope that helps ..... :ok:

Fat Clemenza
21st Jun 2006, 11:25
It surely will. Thanks a lot dude.

But how useful can a TR be without experience on type?

Fat Clemenza

21st Jun 2006, 12:30
Well my friend the type rating is at least a start or information as a minimum.
Good luck and hope it turns out okay for you.

Fat Clemenza
23rd Jun 2006, 09:02
I saw you were looking for TR prices on the ERJ's

Did you manage to find those prices? especially for the EMB 170/190?


23rd Jun 2006, 11:20
Fat Clemenza: I am currently researching both the Embraer 145 and Boeing 737 paths. I have family that are aircrew where I might be able to build up some turboprop time and then commence one of the above type ratings possibly with some experience 'sourced' for me too. However I want to eventually end up at the Business jet end of things. In an ideal world I would just go the Embraer path with 8-10 months flying too but what if I don't get into the corporates with this level experience then I'd probably wish I had a generic 737 type to fall back. The only way along the 737 path is to also get time but then the line time is something I'd be forced to buy myself (no family connections there unfortunately) which makes things expensive.

Thus the quagmire of indecision I'm currently in :)

Fat Clemenza
25th Jun 2006, 15:14
I got the price!

Flight Safety, St Louis

T R EMB 170/190 $32000 !!!!

Which I think is huge! WHy? Because it's FAA only. My license is FAA so I don't think I'd need flying in the real airplane but what about my JAA fellow pilots who would need to fly it?

27th Jun 2006, 21:55
Most of these schools do not issue M1-F1 visa for type ratings done in the USA.

the TSA requires an M1 visa before attending a type rating.

You can been turn down with a B2 visa (tourist).The tourist visa is NOT accepted for initial type rating.
WARNING:Some schools will give you an INS form telling you need a B2 visa. This form is NOT valid...

contact the TSA for VISA issues.

Visa information

This section applies to aliens who are planning on receiving flight training in the United States.
The requirements for obtaining any visa are separate from the requirements of the TSA alien flight training rule.
According to INS regulations, Title 8 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Section 214.2(b)(7), any alien who is permitted to enter the United States on a B-1 or B-2 visitor's status visa is prohibited from enrolling in a course of study. Such an alien must an either obtain an F-1 or M-1 non-immigrant visa from a consular officer abroad and seek readmission to the United States, or apply for and obtain a change of status under section 248 of the Act and 8 CFR Part 248. The alien may not enroll in the course of study until the Service has admitted the alien as an F-1 or M-1 nonimmigrant or has approved the alien's application.

Taking flight training without an appropriate visa could be a violation of your immigration status and could result in your arrest and removal from the United States; therefore, it is important that you have a visa that permits you to take flight training in the United States. If you do not possess the correct visa, or if you have questions pertaining to your visa status or the appropriate visas for flight training, please contact your local Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services at 800/375-5283 or www.uscis.gov (http://www.uscis.gov/) or the State Department Consular Affairs Office for assistance. The AFSP will deny flight training requests from candidates who are present in the United States illegally or who do not have an appropriate visa for flight training. Fees paid for denied applications are not refundable.

4th Jul 2006, 19:24
Hey Guys.
Does any of You know what the cost would be for a Citation TR incl. MCC in JAR-land? I heart something about Flight Safety in Paris but I was´nt lucky!

Regards nebrot...

FAA fit / JAR unfit
5th Jul 2006, 07:45
Thanks Boogie!! :D Great information!!!
Good luck.. :ok:

5th Jul 2006, 09:39
Another point of interest is the relative price of these type rating compared to our somewhat excessive JAA equivalents.

5th Jul 2006, 21:36
:ok: Hi, guys.

I am working as CFI, CFII and MEI in California, U.S.A.

Actually, I am foreigner, I tried to get job but it is almost impossible.

So, I am approaching another direction to be an airliner.

1st. PANAM, FL. I have visited over there during my long cross country. (50 hours from coast to coast)

If you are qulified ATP (1,500 TT, other requirements and ATP written) you are qulified "acclerate course" - $7,000. (14days and including housing) If you are under 1,500 TT you need to go 25days course - $10,500.

Regarding TSA, you do not worry about that.

I am working CFI, recentely (2weeks ago) All of my students approved TSA procedure, all of them came U.S with B1/2 VISA.

The problem is TSA want to you submit Pilot Certificates, and Passport.

Pilot Certificate and Passport are mandatory, but VISA is not.

Which means you do not need submit VISA information.

As you know some of countries like as Japan, U.K are waived VISA program. So, TSA does not require VISA information.

If you want to submit VISA information, yes you can.

Then you can not proceed it.

Any question jbseo123@<hidden>.

Also, I am looking 737 sim partner.

Hope to help.:ok:

8th Jul 2006, 19:32
I have been turned down by the TSA with a b2 visa.

they want a M1 visa, and I have lost my money!!!:{

12th Jul 2006, 14:05
Pan Am told me that I don't need a student visa. They even sent me a letter where they stated that I only need a B2 visa (or waiver).

I was skeptical about the letter and since I still keep in touch with the school where I was years ago, I asked them their opinion on the matter. They have TSA reps, they told me that a visa is mandatory and they encouraged me to get one.

Also, according to what I have read here on pprune, the TSA seems now to be requiring a visa number before issuing a clearance.

So I would like to add SimCenter (http://www.simcenter.cc/) to the list (seen on Training in the USA - Visa Requirements (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?t=7484&page=6&highlight=visa+tsa))
It's the only one I've found that issues visas. I don't know how much they charge for the ratings but I have a gut feeling that they are not among the cheapest.

Another option would be to get a visa for something else and then get TSA clearance. Is this feasable?

Dartagnan, how much money did you loose ? Hopefully no more than the downpayment.

The way it usually goes is the following:

You make a downpayment (around $1,500) and they send you home the training material.
The wise thing to do is to get the TRTO accept your TSA request (see TSA process (https://www.flightschoolcandidates.gov/)) before making ANY downpayment and then, when you get the clearance, pay and get the training stuff.

According to what my old school says though, you are still at risk if caught training in the US by the Immigration Service without a proper visa.

Fat Clemenza
12th Jul 2006, 16:37
10460 US dollars for the A320 TR at Simcenter...

12th Jul 2006, 23:21
;) ...Any ideas how can I convert my JAA ATPL with A320 Type rating into an FAA ATP with A320 Endorsement.
Pls email me if possible. Thanks

13th Jul 2006, 12:11
According to what my old school says though, you are still at risk if caught training in the US by the Immigration Service without a proper visa.

....and you take the risk to be baned for 10 years even after your training.The immigration keep a file on you (I-94)and you can be denied entrance in the States.


I have lost:
130$ application fee with TSA, non refundable
230$ finger prints
200$ flight ticket to USA(by chance the travel agency has refunded me 70%)
500$ travel for fingerprint
1000$ books and online course to study at home.

total: over 2000$ and a lot of deception:{ .
the TRTO told me to go with a B1/B2 visa.
I have applied with the TSA, and 30 days later, after paying everything with my credit card, they told me I was ineligible.:yuk:

They(TSA) asked me to apply for an M1 visa on the sevis website, but I did not find any visa for this course.:ugh:
The school has tried to help me,but a few months later they told me they were sorry! and it was over for me...
I got an email from the TSA help department, and they explained me I was denied for improper visa, and the only visa accepted was M1 or F1.

I will send a complaint to the Department of Homeland Security in Washington and I suggest you to do the same and ask for clarification.
you have probably received a form from your US school that says a B1/B2 visa is accepted. This form is not valid anymore or has never been valid, and if you apply, you are right , you are at risk to be deported (and be baned from the USA for 10 years)even if you have the clearance from the TSA.
With a tourist visa, you can only say to the Custom Officer you come for tourism...if they discover you lie they will send you back home, or they can ban you if you decide to make appeal and you lose your case. Believe me, I had an inspection A recently, and they have asked me thousand of questions for 25 minutes and even called a friend in the USA to see if I was lying or not.!(I was in the USA for vacation, but they thought I came to work illegaly)

I am not the only one who have been denied training...and I wont reapply again.(the TSA seems to deny who they want and you can not even defend yourself, even if they did a mistake... (they have the same system in N.Korea).

"This application was denied due to the fact you have a B1 Visa and are attempting to take flight lessons that are not part of a commercial aviation business lease agreement. Under the current AFSP policy, flight students who are not commercial pilots must obtain a M1 or F1 visa to take flight lessons in the U.S. If you wish to take flight lesson within the U.S., you will have to submit an application to a provider that is able to issue the I-20 which will allow for the issuance of a M or F visa."

you can go with sim center, they are approved by the TSA, but they are not JAA.
if I was you, do not pay anything until you have your M1 visa and TSA clearance.
let the TRTO takes the risk. The immigration will deport you, not the school.

concerning cost at simcenter, this is a minimum cost.
ad 20-40% to be ready for the FAA checkride.

if you have received an INS form explaining to come and study under a B2 visa...it is not longer valid, because the INS does not exist anymore!!!!

9th Oct 2006, 10:15
anyone has any idea where else can you do the EMB170/190 type rating
how much is it in brazil, and the prices............

18th Nov 2007, 00:08
I really appreciate the great information you posted on type rating costs. I have once again found myself...er..."between jobs" as they say ("unemployed" as they also say) and am wondering if another type rating will make my resume heavier, or just make my wallet lighter.

Anyway, you've saved me a lot of trouble doing research by the information you posted.

Thanks again!

24th Mar 2009, 01:14
Any info on the cost of TR on Challenger class of aircraft and also the cost of recurrent/upgrade will be highly appreciated.

6th Apr 2009, 09:59
any latest up-date on the 777 TR?


Kirks gusset
7th Apr 2009, 19:01
Hi Guys,

Remember unless you are just going to fly on an FAA ticket the rating you get if non JAR approved will be worthless over here. The other consideration is base training, there's a lot of companies offering discounted ratings without base training or MCC elements.
Lots of choice in UK and Europe, usually works out far cheaper overall than going to the States.

8th Apr 2009, 07:30
Anybody knows if out there there is something similar to the Eagle Jet International offers but on the 777?


15th Apr 2009, 04:04
Hi guys,

Does anyone have more info on the US Airways A320 initial Type Rating?

evil calved
17th Apr 2009, 07:44
Do you know where can I take initial training for a Hawker 800A, outside USA?


17th Feb 2010, 08:24
Has anyone checked out the course details offered by "Higher Power Aviation" for initial type rating on b737ng?

1 Set Study Materials and Cockpit Panels.
80 Hours Systems Ground Instruction, including computer based training (CBT), and
8 Hours Fixed Base Simulator (FBS) training with partner.
2 Hours FAA Oral Examination by Training Center Evaluator.
17 Hours B-737-700/800 Full Flight Simulator Training (FFS), including:
2 Hours Line Oriented Flight Training with partner, and
2 Hours Full Flight Simulator FAA Checkride by Training Center Evaluator.
COURSE COST $15,500.00 per person, trained as a Solo Pilot.

According to this, the training part consists for only 21hrs of sim.
My question is - is this 21 hrs enough to become proficient on b737ng?

eddie 123456
2nd Sep 2010, 00:02
Hi everybody,

Does anybody know if you can convert an FAA Type rating to a JAR rating. I just finished my FAA CPL ME here in the states and will be converting to JAR when I reurn to europe in a month or so but Before I go I was wondering If I got an FAA type Rating here, becasue it is half the price than it is in europe, Can I convert it to an JAR rating in europe and if so what is the process?

Any information would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.


La Coneja
16th Jul 2012, 15:33
Any feedback from this Center?

Flight Training International (http://ftiratings.com/fti/)

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