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27th Nov 2003, 20:36
I don't know if anyone can help... apparently there is a Farm strip just south of Paddock wood on the B2016 the road between Wrotham Heath called Seven Mile lane. Does anyone know what this is called or where I can get information on it.

Many thanks

28th Nov 2003, 06:57

I'll PM you tomorrow with some info. Are you sure you mean South of Paddock Wood? Because Seven Mile Lane only goes from Wrotham Heath to East Peckham, about 3 Miles North of Paddock Wood.


28th Nov 2003, 16:03
That was just the information I was given, as long as it is in that general area I don't mind. Thanks for your help.


28th Nov 2003, 17:18
Hi L_S,

I don't know the name of the strip, but I can confirm that there definitely is one near Paddock Wood - I ran the Paddock Wood half-marathon earlier this year and the route went right past one end of a farm strip's runway, just as a PA28 took off.

Unfortunately I'm not at all familiar with that part of Kent so I can't even say whether it was north, south, east or west of Paddock Wood itself! I've been trying to find a copy of the race's route on-line but no joy... good luck, anyway!


28th Nov 2003, 21:01
There are 2 strips to the East of Paddock Wood, marked as Old Hay and Laddingford - you can find them easily from the air as they are both right next to the railway line. I've also driven past the end of this one (http://www.multimap.com/map/photo.cgi?client=public&x=568475&y=145918&scale=25000&width=700&height=410&multimap.x=461&multimap.y=147), but I couldn't tell if it was one of the above or a third one. I live about 2 miles away from here so if you can provide more info I'll definitely be able to help.


PS. Just found Old Hay (http://www.multimap.com/map/photo.cgi?client=public&x=568750&y=144250&scale=25000&width=700&height=410&multimap.x=460&multimap.y=54), South of the railway line.

28th Nov 2003, 23:19
Thanks for the help everyone, I will give them a call. Next time yoru over Duxford way drop in for a cup of tea.

29th Nov 2003, 01:41

4 private strips around Paddock Wood, one at Old Hay East of PW and just south of the Rly line; One at Laddingford, 2 miles NE of PW - these are marked on the charts; Another just east of Laddingford by a fields length, and another a couple of miles south of PW, which is used by microlights. There's also one just west of Seven Mile Lane south of Mereworth which is a bit short for most things conventional.

What are you wanting to land there in/for?? All of them are very much invite only I think (or they were when i went in last)

Hope that helps


29th Nov 2003, 09:02

The 4 Farm Strips around Paddock Wood are :

Laddingford at Fowle Hall Farm grid ref TQ677455 or Lat / Long N5111-E00024

Old Hay at grid ref TQ695450 or Lat / Long N5110-E00025

Willow Lane, Paddock Wood at grid ref TQ692457 or Lat / Long N5111-E00026

Great Fowle Hall Farm at grid ref TQ688463 or Lat / Long N5111-E00025

It may be that the one you are referring to is the one mentioned by Zlin 526 at Mereworth, west of Seven Mile Lane.

Does anyone have a precise location for this one ( grid or lat / long would be ideal )

Regards Martin Burney

30th Nov 2003, 00:51
I used to verfly the 2 by the railway line quite often. The one north of the railway looks rough as a bears a**e but the one south of the railway looks smooth as a babys. Never saw any movements on either, nor any parked a/c.

My instructor told me that both were strictly PPR and that the owners were not happy about unwanted guests - I presume due to planning limits.

They are both easy to find being about 2 miles due SE of the frieght terminal and bisected by the railway line.



30th Nov 2003, 03:04
The strip referred to at Mereworth is actually at East Peckham. The location is :

At Crowhurst Farm, East Peckham, TN12 5NA
grid ref TQ658502

Regards Martin Burney

30th Nov 2003, 03:38
Laddingford is home to a gaggle of Europas (Europae?) - including Peter Kember's "The first of the many". They have a flyin once a year, and actually PPR is probably not too hard to obtain.

Old Hay has recently changed hands and sadly didn't have a display this summer. The summer before last I had my best ever, ever, ever RR Merlin experience when I managed to get myself into a meadow opposite the crowd, across the runway, and therefore DIRECTLY under a Spit and a Hurri as they did their stuff overhead. A few minutes later this was followed by a couple of P51's yowling and howling through another display. Bliss.

Dunno the others, but these 2 are definitely in my sights for a visit some time.

Will summer ever come back?

Steve R

30th Nov 2003, 07:24
Martin Burney,

No, the airstrip I referred to at Mereworth is most certainly not at East Peckham, its at about 2 miles north if I recall. I checked it out a few years ago when it was up for sale and advertised as an airstrip on the estate agents website, and had a discreet look from the air (but see the bit below). I havent noticed any aircraft flying from there since, so assume the new owners never used it as such.

What I would say about this thread is that all of the airstrips mentioned are private and probably won't welcome anyone who hasn't been invited to fly in. The best way to protect a private airstrip from the attentions of anyone who opposes such things is not to advertise it anywhere, even to the extent of not inviting people to fly in, at least until you have a good relationship with the neighbours.

Even putting up a windsock attracts airborne visitors. Just one unwelcome visitor droning around overhead can destroy the fragile relationship between airstrip owner and the neighbours in 30 seconds.

Please respect the privacy of private strips.:ok:

30th Nov 2003, 08:33

Any chance that you can look at a map, to give me a rough location, as I checked with some locals at Mereworth, who refer me to the East Peckham location.

Regards Martin Burney

30th Nov 2003, 17:18

Check your PMs


30th Nov 2003, 21:39
Hi Zlin

What am I looking for to check my PM's ???

Regards Martin

Papa Charlie
1st Dec 2003, 21:24
Slightly off topic but when I practising PFL's and carried one out sort of OK, my instructor told me to always look beneath me as well as all around when selecting a suitable "field". He told me this as I was directly overhead Old Hay and I never thought of looking down - absolutely ideal !


2nd Dec 2003, 02:43

Zlin means check your Private Messages:ok:

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