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  1. Airline Pilot - Is it worth realistic/worth it? UK advice needed from Pilots
  2. Concerned parent... mortgage sized training fees
  3. Volatus Academy
  4. Training in the UK vs Canada
  5. CTC assesment phase advice
  6. A few questions about becoming a Pilot.
  7. CPL (with or without MEP) & MEIR - In what order and where to train?
  8. To jump or not to jump.
  9. Flight Instructor Course recommendations - Own Aircraft?
  10. Funding ATPL
  11. To go to university or not to go to university...(Merged 2013)
  12. MEP rating required for airline job?
  13. New JAA member, Licencing rules
  14. FAA or EASA cpl/ir or both....
  15. Searching for cheap ways to become a pilot
  16. Doing my CPL, should I do the IMC rating?
  17. Future pilots A levels
  18. Aviation MBA o MSc
  19. FAA to EASA conversion
  20. Questions regarding entry requirements
  21. Skyways- PFT
  22. Using software charts and planning aids for CPL?
  23. SEP Rating Lapse
  24. To all international pilots in Canada/USA
  25. jar ground school for easa exams.
  26. Hourbuilding California/Arizona vs Florida?
  27. ATPL Distance Learning - 10% Classroom attendence
  28. Aviation related degree
  29. Does a FATPL applicant qualify for a cadet program?
  30. Commercial airline pilot - A Levels
  31. Hour building California
  32. ATPL Skills Test
  33. Validity of Different ICAO Pilot Licenses and Ratings
  34. CAA CPL ME IR Revalidation
  35. Hourbuilding USA -Visa,TSA ?
  36. Cheapest Modular training order
  37. IR renewal in UK JAA/EASA
  38. Whats reqd to keep jaa atpl current when icao atpl is current
  39. LPE issue
  40. Qatar Wings, CTC. Female pilots?
  41. Approach procedures
  42. Is there a PNR in ETOPS ??
  43. IR Question how do you know the entry into a hold just by looking at the HIS or DI
  44. FAA CPL/IR validity
  45. Airbus A320 Type Rating according to CAAPhilippines
  46. Has your school network helped find employment?
  47. Choosing the right course
  48. Conversion of J.A.A. Type Ratings
  49. JAA/EASA/FAA licence
  50. type rating with expired IR?
  51. anyone out there that has CPL + IR + MCC with no job
  52. EASA ATPL in Australia?
  53. CTC Wings Phase 2 Interview/Aptitude Test
  54. chasing a pipe dream
  55. ATPL Distance Learning
  56. Help me to choose a good flight school.
  57. What to do next??
  58. Self fund type rating / 500 hour Line training is there a job
  59. ICAO to JAR ATPL
  60. Multiengine time in USA
  61. Is it really all that bad?
  62. Education advice?
  63. Pad Pilot for EASA ATPL(A) distance learning
  64. Seeking information about Durban Aviation Center!
  65. Certificate IV in Aviation
  66. Student PPL - What headset?
  67. cheapest IRME, MEP renewal
  68. Flying Time Aviation
  69. Modular training and different schools?
  70. Smartcockpit Questions A320 System Test
  71. FAA IR to EASA IR advice
  72. Commercial pilot qualification
  73. EU-OPS 1 still in vigor ?
  74. CPL QXC rules
  75. ELP
  76. EASA approved ATO & combined FAA ATP
  77. Is it a job that requires a lot of time away from home?
  78. Flying in U.S.A.
  79. Any Recent experience of Ravenair?
  80. Baltic Aviation Academy?
  81. IR Theory Credits
  82. IR Revalidation
  83. Printed EASA Question bank?
  84. Opinion about Pan Am
  85. CATS & CAPT Online
  86. CPL A WITH IR ???
  87. Oxford ground school prep?
  88. American Flight Training
  89. Diamond Flight Academy Scandinavia
  90. Getting a degree?
  91. CBT training for integrated students
  92. ATPL Theory
  93. Wannabe pilot needs opinions
  94. Oxford Atpl CBT instrument needed
  95. Please, help to make up my mind to choose an flying school
  96. Issue of frozen ATPL with criminal record
  97. Glass vs Traditional gauges for PPL
  99. BCFT ATPL Groundschool 2nd Sept 13.
  100. Charter Company for Building Hour !
  101. Aeros Flight Training
  102. Command Training
  103. My dream - advice please ( collective thread )
  104. Drivers license?
  105. Aircraft class ratings and other newbie questions
  106. Taking the leap?
  107. Advice on becoming a commercial pilot?
  108. Narrowed it down to these schools
  109. Can anyone help me with some info?
  110. Gettinng a Job on the Right Seat...
  111. IR(A) practically programe
  112. A320 base check
  113. fatpl
  114. JAA medical requirements for commencing type rating
  115. ATPL Theory Credit Validity
  116. Advice please...PPL/COMMERCIAL
  117. Can MEIR training hours be logged as PIC?
  118. Preparation Before Integrated
  119. Practice Online Exams for DGCA
  120. Buckinghamshire University
  121. jaa ppl adding an faa ppl
  122. son wants to be a pilot
  123. Backseating Sim Checks
  124. MECIR
  125. Qatar Airways MPL - CTC
  126. Training in USA
  127. PICUS time as PIC for restrictions?
  128. CTC Direct Or BUCKS New University?
  129. EASA Boeing 737 type rating in Florida(preferred) or USA in general
  130. How simple is flight training?
  131. CCQ A320 to A330 with base check
  132. Chances of getting in?
  133. FAR 141 120 Hour
  134. Paperwork for UK CAA MEP
  135. Study in Canada or Egypt?
  136. MPL upgrade
  137. Miami radar
  138. Transfer of type/class ratings from a non-jaa state licence
  139. Joining Age?
  140. Has anyone managed to get a CPL with a "Class 1 Medical limited to an OML"??
  141. Equivalence IRME to IRSE
  142. Sacramento or Long Beach
  143. UK RT licence
  145. Schools near Peachtree city, GA
  146. Is the propeller a loaded gun?
  147. reason for EASA CPL(A) modular 15 hour visual flight training requirement?
  148. 500 Hours get you a job?
  149. Find me a School?
  150. Which way is suitable for me?
  151. I want become pilot
  152. Choosing between ATP or AVIATOR COLLEGE
  153. Can you become a pilot while doing a degree?
  154. Confused About What License To Obtain??
  155. Information on which schools in the U.S provides modular JAA Training.
  156. Schools for atpl full time
  157. Aerosim Academy
  158. VOR Approach
  159. Airways Flight Training Exeter
  160. REDUCED ATP on 330
  161. FAA ATPL to JAA
  162. Where can I get some Turbine Hours?
  163. Is a budget MCC course all that you need?
  164. FTO Panamedia in Mallorca
  165. I am new, need help.
  166. Skytest for beginners (not dummies)
  167. Flight training in Riga PPL 6k?
  168. Thinking about training in South Africa.
  169. Which state for license issue?
  170. Help with term
  171. Good School in California?
  172. California Flight Academy
  173. Practical R/T tomorrow!
  174. FAA Licence help needed...
  175. American Aviation Academy Course Termination Issue
  176. CAVOK.HU
  177. Up to date view on CTC IPP?
  178. B190 Simulator
  179. Training in France and Italy
  180. IFR Manual
  181. Canadian CPL Flight Test: Nav log routes?
  182. Fokker F27-500 type rating
  183. Booker Aviation - Opinions?
  184. CAA Licence Issue Delays & Exam Validity
  185. Career path
  186. General Reading
  187. Aeros P2006T
  188. Fast Track Training
  189. Aviator College ft. florida(Multi-engine)
  190. Please help choosing flight school in the US : CAE Phoenix , Ahart or Sierra
  191. Practice Online Exams for DGCA
  192. School with 1500hrs flight???
  193. Avioservice Latvia
  194. Malta School Of Flying
  195. 300nm CPL route requirements
  196. What to do next..
  197. CAA Glasgow Exam Start times
  198. Log book help
  199. Renewing ATPL Theoreticals
  200. Carver aviation .
  201. KLM stops all training at CAE due to safety concerns
  202. Advice on becoming a pilot?
  203. Modular Route
  204. Differences between EASA and FAA IR?
  205. Cheapest and fastest way to build flying hours
  206. Hour Building in the US
  207. Q300 Flight manual
  208. Do FAA licences have any value outside of the US?
  209. ATPL CATS need advise
  210. Pan Am International Flight Academy? Any good?
  211. FAA IR currency
  212. Suggestions for good flying schools in US offering DGCA Requirements
  213. help on A320 TR+LT
  214. Integrated in Ireland
  215. Europe ATPL full time classroom.
  216. Flight school louisville, Ky
  217. MEP and IR Training with BARTOLINI AIR Poland??
  218. Bristol Ground School (Quick Questions)
  219. Question banks compared?
  220. Help regarding ATPL type fuel conversion questions
  221. Best price/ quality combination ATPL distance learning course UK
  222. Average Hours A (H) Pilot Can Fly A Year
  223. FTO in Netherlands
  224. Losing ATPL credits ?!?! Help me.
  225. JAA/ATPL written exam
  226. Accomodation solutions for CTC or OAA training
  227. ATPL(H) UK RNAV Exam
  228. Before JAA Multiple Choice Q&A ......
  229. ATPL Theory OAA
  230. Feeling sick
  231. Not sure what path to take
  232. Career Change
  233. need urgent advise regarding UK CAA rules and regulations on issuing license please
  234. Hour building over a long period of time?
  235. Grob G 115 in Southern California
  236. CTC Wings Cadet Programme or 43 Air School (SA)
  237. B1900 sim in Europe
  238. Modular EU-ATPL with theoretical self study
  239. Gcse for becoming an airline pilot
  240. Hours building Spain
  241. FTE Jerez Accomodation
  242. MCC Simtech
  243. Need help planning long U.S. cross country from CZBB
  244. Age and Advanced Apprentice / Cadet Pilot Training
  245. CRM instructor courses
  246. What path should I take?
  247. Please help, interested in becoming commercial pilot
  248. SEP IR Renewal OR MEIR Renewal?
  249. Ipad/android Pilot Training apps
  250. Navigation log